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Who the heck is Juju?

 Oh Boy, Oh Boy! That Tickles!Meet Juju The Fish
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He's a Fish, he's Canadian, he's opinionated, and he refers to himself in the third person. He's Juju. Juju thinks outside the bowl - and he lives in one, too.

My name is Bubbanuts and I'm you're narrator and guide on this tittilating and confusing journey. I'm also Juju's typist, publicist, fish-servant, slave, lackey, flunky, nursemaid, and footboy. Call it what you will,  I forgot my real name years ago. I obediently do all of Juju's bidding, which presently happens to include transcribing all his babbling and <cough> witty reparté onto these virtual pages (and the fortune cookies are next).

Juju's purpose in life to help out his fellow fish. He makes recommendations for fish out there with a diverse, discerning, and open mind. Juju tells things the way they are -- his opinions are not influenced or swayed by media hype, the latest teen trends,  or promises of wild nights with leather-clad, whip-brandishing fish playmates (though he wouldn't refuse that last one). He'd rather choke on large colorful flakes than go mainstream. (and did I mention Juju's got an irrational fear of toilet bowls?)

Obviously, anything "Juju-Recommended" is "ga-ron-teed" to not only be available, but also advantageous to Canucks.

So what's with the big secret with the "Legs" part of "Goldfish Legs", you ask? It's pretty simple: Juju's plagued by an identity crisis.  You see, he thinks he should have legs. I dare not tell him he's crazy for fear of being nibbled on for 40 days and 40 nights (yes, he's that sadistic).

So relax, poke around a little, and above all, have fun -- seriously. As soon as you feel overwhelmed or you realize that you're not having fun anymore, leave! Yes, you heard right, Juju's not afraid to tell to leave his site. After all, you know what they say about too much of a good thing.  Do some Yoga or something and come back when you're more relaxed. Don't worry, Juju and his Legs will still be here.

Juju's humble (or is that humbled?) fishservant & scribe,

Slaveboy #17           

P.S. In case you skipped down to this without reading anthing above, here's a recap:
Juju's here to help all the lost Canucks out there in internet land.  If you're not lost, fear not - Juju will get you there shortly.

Juju The Fish
Maple Leaf?

I once asked myself what harm a toothless fish could possibly do to me.  Then I remembered that nibbling fish lips tickle like hell. Oh, the humanity!

Pondering deep thoughts  while locked in the treasure chest at the bottom of the bowl..


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