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BestBuy.ca Located in Canada   FREE  
Computergeeks Located in US
Computergeeks is a US etailer specializing in computer components and peripherals that are excess inventory, manufacturer-closeouts, overstock, and "slightly obsolete" inventories.

Shipping is high for Canada, but in some instances the prices of items are so low that it still comes out cheaper than anywhere else.

shipping costs depend on size & weight
Sharper Image Located in US
The Sharper Image sells all those nifty gadgets you see on TV. Your orders will most likely be "dinged" with customs fees when it crosses the border, so factor in $5CDN+tax on top of the total.
TheSource Located in Canada
"The Source by Circuit City" is the new name for Radioshack stores in Canada.

FREE shipping for orders of $25+
Thinkgeek Located in US
Thinkgeek is a US etailer that carries all kinds of unique tech gadgets 'n other geeky stuff.

fanboy t-shirts and goodies
tech/video game/geek books
PC mods
home & office gadgets
geek toys
cubicle stuff (they've even got the red Office Space stapler!)
MP3 players
wireless digital photo frames & huge 15" frames
Ipod accessories
... and tons more stuff that can't even be categorized!

Most of the stuff is exclusive to Thinkgeek so you can't get them anywhere else but shipping to Canada can be expensive.


X10 Located in Canada
but USD$ prices
X10 is a etailer of wireless gadgets such as home security & alarm systems, montion sensor cameras, remote control home automation, wireless video, wireless MP3, etc.

Canadian orders are shipped from Ontario at a flat rate of $10 -- no cross-border customs charges.




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