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Staples Business Depot

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  Yeeeeowch! 72213 10 - ?  

•  Clearance Centre

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Staples is also known as Business Depot & Bureau En Gros.

Staples coupons come in 3 flavours: Dollar-off, Free item, Product Discount.

Dollar-off: discount off a minimum purchase (e.g. $20 off $100).
Free item: a free item instead of a "dollar" discount (e.g. free mug with $100+ order).
Product-Specific Discount gives a discount on one specific product only.

If you have trouble online, you can call them and they'll apply the coupons over the phone.

Price Matching
Price matching can get pretty convoluted if you want to use a coupon at the same time. Take a peek at Bylo's Price Matching Secrets

PRICE TIP: Any price ending with a '7' (e.g .x7) is a clearance item -- stock up quick! (nibbles go to Bylo for the tip)

You can use multiple coupons on the same order as long as your order total is higher than the combined "minimum order" values of the coupons. So, for example, you can use 2 "$20 off $200" coupons as long as your order total is above $400. The trick may be limited to 2 coupons per order. Just keep adding coupons until it gives you an error. (nibbles go to str8jkt for the tip)


Store Info
Staples Business Depot

Ships from:
Staples Business Depot is located in Canada Canada


Shipping Rates
• Office Furniture
• Office Supplies
• PC Hardware
• PC Software
* shipping is FREE for orders over $50

Pricematch? Yes

Customer Service:
Contact Page


 HOMEDealsStore List  

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