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Juju's Canadian Guarantee!

What the heck is "Goldfish Legs"?

Goldfish Legs is:

  • Canadian, Canada, & Canuck only
  • recommendations for online Canuck shopping
  • money-saving deals
  • guilt-inducing steals
  • questionably useful free stuff
  • pre-screened Canuck-friendly contests
  • down-to-earth & friendly -> "Nibble, nibble!"
  • The Straight Dope: If it sucks, Juju'll tell you it sucks or you won't see it on this site at all.
  • Nifty! (that's Juju lingo for "Great!" or "Cool!")

Goldfish Legs is not:

  • a really yummy side-order you get with your burger at the deli (shame on you for even considering such a thing!)
  • recommendations fueled by greed
  • random and irrelevant
  • "US only" (that isn't part of the vocabulary around here)
  • a "let's see how many ads I can fit onto this page" experiment
  • hype, hype, HYPE!
  • greasy salesman lingo - "Order today!"  "Call NOW!"
  • OY! (that's Juju lingo for "This sucks!")

Deals, Steals, 'n Coupons

Deals, sales, and bargains for online stores. Electronic discount coupons, and freaky ways to earn free gift certificates.

If it's online and saves you money, it'll be in the
DEALS section.

Canadian Online Shopping!

Otherwise known as "Canada's Most Opinionated Canuck-friendly Shopping Portal™". The best etailers for several product categories are explored and reviewed. If they're not Canada-friendly, they won't be here.

If you're in an e-shopping mood but don't know where to start, your answers are in the
SHOP section.

Free Fish!

Free stuff.  T-shirts, toothpaste, jelly beans, and even free money. Virtual free stuff like web storage and free internet access.  Enter contests without the fear of eyestrain associated with "Fine Print Syndrome": all contests are gauranteed to be available to Canucks (like everything else on the site). 

If it's free & questionably useful, it'll be in the
FREE section.

Message Bowl!

Juju's Message Bowl!  This is a discussion forum for Canucks. Figure out where to buy that elusive item online, ask questions about deals, post a deal that you've found. Or just shoot the fish poop with fellow Canucks on any topic you like. Relax, and enjoy yourself!

If you need a recommendation,  want to tell everyone about a deal/freebie you've found, or want to vent after a bad experience, jump into the
BOWL! - its all part of the therapy!

The mastermind behind Goldfish Legs! is a  fast-talking ambulatory Fish known simply as

Who's Juju?

Meet Juju and learn the secret origin of the cryptic "Goldfish Legs"
name in the next section (if you have the stomach for it)

Juju The Fish
Maple Leaf?

Hype is Evil, Hype is Evil.....

-Juju overheard meditating


Please forward all comments, suggestions, & edible flake donations to juju( @ ) GoldfishLegs.ca
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