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Canadian online shopping recommendations, discount coupons, Canadian free stuff &
contests, 17 attention-grabbing buzzwords, and Juju the ambulatory Goldfish.


Coupons, bargains, specials, sales, yadda, yadda
Coupons for troubled goldfish.

Never Pay
Retail Again!

Canadian Online Shopping
Online Shopping for Canadians

It Slices! It Dices!
Isn't it Amazing!?

Free Flakes 'n stuff
Juju's Amazing Technicolor T-shirt

Get Friendly with
the Postman!


Save $ with online Canadian coupons and Gift Certificates

Take advantage of  Bargains and Sales available to us Canucks

Find other incentives that'll compel you to order stuff you don't really need!


Canadian-Friendly etailers reviewed and compared!


Juju's takin' the guesswork out of Canadian online shopping


BUT WAIT! Order in the next 17 minutes and get Colorful Menus - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Get free tshirts and other junk mailed to you (including a really small bag of jelly beans)

Earn quasi-free money for doing fish tricks!

Enter Canadian contests that you'll probably never win!

   JUJU'S MESSAGE BOWL ->  Juju's Message Bowl!  

Juju's Canadian Guarantee!

Oh, and if you were looking for advice on how to cope with being
born a goldfish without legs, you've come to to the right place.

JUJU  the Bowlmaster
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